So You Think You Can Dance is the type of show where a dancer who goes by the stage name "Marie Poppins" not only isn't a walking punchline, she's fucking awesome. The episode saved her for last, for obvious reasons, but there are no such rules about waiting to show the best part of the show here at Morning After. Roll the tape:

Like, she danced to "Smooth Operator," so she was already ahead of the game, but damn girl, don't hurt 'em. Or do. Whatever she chooses is probably for the best.

Did anyone else forget how adorable Fik-Shun is? No wonder he won America's Favorite Dancer last season. For the Los Angeles auditions, he's in the audience alongside Cyrus and Legacy, and not only is there the moment with Marie Poppins, but there's a dance battle:

We can certainly talk about Kyle Taylor, as long as it's about how he's joined the ranks of people who quit during the choreography round after auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance without any partner experience. Awards are handed out by TJ Lavin of The Challenge, king of all quitter-hating.

Some other highlights from the episode:

Fabrice Calmels' face. That's it. Just that.

It's kind of alien while at the same time super attractive. And the accent, oh the accent.

Also, no clip included, but Christina Applegate's "The good news have passion" during the quick (so quick—no joke auditions at all, this week) failure montage was a pretty good line. One can only imagine she also said that to NBC before leaving Up All Night.

But if we have to talk about other dancers...

Kailee Payne is going to be ADORED by Tyce Diorio, not doubt about it. (That wasn't meant to be an insult, but it stands.)

Jaja Vankova is a red-headed, curly haired, krumper/animator, and if that doesn't intrigue you, what even does?

Dani Platz and Justine Lutz probably made you or someone you know cry.

Franchesca Bass has alopecia, which will either be mentioned all the time from now on or not at all (to the point where you'll wonder why it's not being mentioned all the time and it will drive you mad). But until that happens, we still have her alien-inspired audition routine to hold us over.

Jessica Richens has a couple of things going for her. First, she introduces herself to America by saying that one of her favorite things to do is be sexy on stage, which leads to the hashtag #WerkIt. Then, she dances to Juliet Simms' version "It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World," which could only have been topped by her dancing to Amanda Brown's version of "Dream On." She also wears a fedora, which goes back to the first thing she has going for her in a way.

One of the judges says that she could win the show, so maybe we should get on board?

Or we can rewatch Marie Poppins' routine again and again and again.

As for Bieber's Best Dance Crew, we can talk about that (and why he speaks like he's never spoken before/like he's high as all hell) in the comments.

[Image via Fox]

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