Bear Grylls helped Zac Efron become a man last night on his new TV show, Running Wild. While we'll never know everything that happened on that mountaintop, one thing is for sure: The best way to get Zac Efron to try something new is to take his clothes away and throw them off a cliff.

At some point in their time together, all alone up on that mountaintop exploring nature and their natural selves, Zac taught Bear to dance a special dance.

It is unclear why these dance lessons were performed in the tactical gear of a private army/SWAT team, but there is a lot about running around on a mountain with Zac Efron that we simply don't know, and maybe we never will. Sometimes when you're becoming a man, I guess, knee pads might factor in. Bear Grylls is British and whatever the British equivalent of a Boy Scout is, so I'm sure he knows the best things to do.

Later, Zac—famous lately for dating actress Michelle Rodriguez on a boat—convinced Bear to put something in his mouth that he'd never had in there before, which is saying a lot since Bear mostly is famous for putting things in his mouth that don't go there. As every fearless explorer of the human condition knows, you can always find other things to put in there.

Bear seemed to enjoy this part of their time together a great deal, exploring these new tastes and sensations. Better than worms, he said. High praise, from the man who once circumnavigated the British Isles on a Jet Ski and rowed the Thames naked in a homemade bathtub: Better than worms.

[Video via NBC]

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