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National treasure and Woman of Wonder Lynda Carter appeared as a guest judge on GSN's Skin Wars Wednesday night. But what is Skin Wars? Besides the single most disturbing name for a TV show ever conceived by the mind of man.

Though the title conjures up images of naked soldiers hurling handfuls of their own flaky scabs at each other, it's actually a competition reality show for body painting, like SyFy's Face Off except for everything below the face. Each episode involves a lot of well-muscled nude models in banana thongs and a crew of rather volatile body painters, who in the spectrum of "Creative Types" fall right between festival face painters and fluffers.

The elephant in the room here is that Lynda Carter (and RuPaul, for that matter) is way too cool for this show, but at least the contestants lost their shit when she stepped into their midst, as they bloody well should have. And Lynda Carter seems like the rare type of incredibly beautiful person who might be quite dorky deep down, in the best way? What I'm saying is, more Lynda Carter on TV, more prominently placed, on even better shows, maybe even her own show, hopefully in a series of incredible costumes. Body painters aren't the only ones who deserve to weep at her feet.

[Videos via GSN]

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