So You Think You Can Dance often includes contestants with dead parent sob stories in place of actual personalities, and Wednesday night's callbacks episode did not disappoint.

Emotional backstory is old hat for reality shows, and So You Think You Can Dance is unfortunately no exception. But there's just something extremely desperate about Bridget Whitman using a dead parent at this level. What's she going to do the next time she's on the chopping block? Perform a séance under the guise of a dance routine? If the time after that isn't straight up voodoo, then she'll deserve to be sent home.

Obviously, losing a parent is one of the worst things a person can go through. But let's not act like Bridget didn't know what she was doing. She went from a blank slate, devoid of any personality—even though this dead dad situation was supposed to be her whole driving force in the first place—to eventually turning on the emotion like a light switch, nailing the performance, and talking about the ghost dad being her partner. A ghost dad isn't going to help you during the paso doble, Bridge. If anything, being haunted means you're fucked.

[Videos via Fox]

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