Let me just say I love it when people accidentally get shot on well plotted TV dramas. For one thing it reinforces that guns are not some benign prop, they can't be waved like a magic wand to make all the big guys listen to you and solve you're problems, they're super-deadly literal killing machines.

Secondly, so many secrets just splashed all over the interior of that vehicle like so many vomited-up Spaghetti-Os. Just when I thought Leekie would prove our ultimate big bad, he's brought low because Donny, of all people, goofed. Unexpected! There's nothing I love more than being truly surprised by a TV show.

In other news Cosima found out the cells injected into her uterine lumps were Kira's ground up teeth, I hope the kid got a quarter under her pillow at least. Sadly this development is but another piece of evidence on the growing stack of reasons Delphine might be an untrustworthy minx who keeps things from Cosima despite being her partner. Luckily, regardless of where Cosima and Delphine's gothic-level romance ends, Sara is swooping back to Dyad with Kira in tow to rescue her beloved Cosima. Yes, she's giving up a super Instagram-worthy life alongside Kira's dad in Reykjavik, to save her. So much for that Iceland dream life of minimalist birch furniture, industrial lightbulbs, tasteful wood paneled walls and high-quality sweaters.

Sara spent the entire episode helping the "Aunties" actually, she also showed up at Allison's family day at rehab and role-played as Allison pretending to be Donny across from Danny. The layers of character going on in this shot are more fascinating and complex to me than any striated landmass known to geology. Take a look.

[There was a video here]

The insufficient headband! The in-and-out accent! It's so perfect. No matter how high they put the bar Tatiana Maslany exceeds my expectations every time.

A thought occurred to me this episode when we opened with Allison ghoulishly describing when she watched Ainsley die. Basically I thought of how similar Allison is to Helena at her core: dedicated to family above all else, happy to do whatever it takes to defend their loved ones.

Now all I can think about is how much I want them to have more scenes together, either as buds or perhaps, even better, as deathly enemies. Like who would walk away from a fight between Helena and Allison? Don't forget Allison's done Pilates, and I'll even give her a home turf advantage: let's say this fight goes down in a Hobby Lobby! That way, even if Helena is stronger, she doesn't know which aisle the wire cutters are stocked in like Allison does.

Tell me who wins.

[Video via BBC America]

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