Whew. That was an amazing episode and also a scary one! Tiny Pao Pao speaking truth to power and stupidity; Zach making it somehow all about him in a reverse-Dan funeral blowout; Frankie blowing up the Bomb Squad from inside the Bomb Squad like "Boom, the Bomb Squad never existed it was all in your mind"; Frankie pulling the nuclear option on Zankie that, mark my words, is going to turn Zach's life upside down. Perfect. Perfect, everything.

If I won HOH I would be like, "I don't really need a letter from home, but could I possibly get a letter from Devin's daughter? Because she sounds amazing." And stupid fucking Devin wouldn't even understand that I was being an asshole. Anyway: Discuss the live feed and tonight's episode in the threads below. Whatever you want.

[Image via CBS]