Season two of Inside Amy Schumer ends exactly as it should: with an audience member gleefully hollering into the mic in his face, "What I gotta do to get that dick in my mouth?" The rest is mist and dew, shadows and whispers. Ah, life!

Watch this sketch, where Congresswoman Amy Schumer denies allegations that she tweeted a "perfect puss pic" to @HungAsFuck (her Korean doctor, available only by DM), texted interns "Your dick, my mouth, right now," and sent a guy a Facebook invite to her pussy. It's good, you'll like it.

Then, because we've seen this type of press conference enough to know where the money is, watch it again, focusing on her husband the whole time. Amy's not ashamed of any of what she's done and will almost certainly continue to do, but our boy Trentman's face is three cats of shame and revulsion fighting in a burlap sack of composure. The details are funny (I especially loved Damone, her buttersmooth "Campaign Manager" with one perpetually raised eyebrow), but a good straight(ish) man, even a silent one, elevates the whole witch hunt.

I'll be running down the rest of the episode's sketches in the comments, sharing my li'l thoughts and pulling choice nuggets. What did you dig? What didn't gel for you? Is my notepad's autocorrecting "queefing 'gangnam style'" [outtake gold] to "queering 'gingham style'" a victory for LBGTQ prepsters? Let's talk it out.

[Image via Comedy Central]

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