Tonight we've got apes—in college and getting laid—Scientologists, bisexual erasure, imaginary Australians, and we bid a fond farewell to Morgan Freeman as he winks out of existence and into another dimension.

At 8/7c. there's more America's Got Talent Boot Camp and SYTYCD will drop to the Top 14, but obviously it's all about Big Brother at my house. Fingers crossed the POV shakes up the current nominations or I'm going to throw a dang fit. Alternately, you could watch PBS's My Wild Affair, a cute show about animals that think they're people, and which tonight features an orangutan raised on a college campus. (Spoiler alert: Ape eventually rushes SAE, raising their GPA almost an entire point. Spoiler letdown: Ape is not raised by James Franco. Just some scientists.)

At 9/8c. ID's show about cults, Deadly Devotion, goes after Scientology, while in other space alien news there's another episode of Extant ready to roll and Science Channel weighs in on How The Universe Works (specifically, the Jupiter part of the universe). VH1's hard to understand musical mashup performance show Soundclash finally debuts, and Cynthia Nixon is asked Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC. While most people consider genetics a matter of inherited and environmental characteristics, expect Nixon to break formation as usual with the bold statement that—for her, at least—it's more of a choice.

At 10/9c. a new series based on hot and current film property B.A.P.S. premieres on Lifetime, so that's definitely something to which you should devote some time. PBS continues tonight's searing exposé of orangutan life with a new episode of Sex In The Wild; The Bridge and Wilfred join Teen Mom 2 for some hilarious and rambunctious enjoyment of life's simple pleasures; FYI has another episode of the oddly comforting Tiny House Nation; and Linda Perry goes looking for the "weakest link" on her VH1 songwriting show.

Sadly, tonight marks the end of the fifth season of Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman, this time asking "When Did Time Begin?" For me it is almost certainly the moment that Winnie Cooper kissed Kevin Arnold in the Wonder Years pilot, I don't really remember anything going on before that point—never really talked about it afterward, but I think about the events of that day again and again, and somehow I know that Winnie does too—but that could be different for different people; I'm not over here trying to act like an expert on the wormhole, or exactly how things work once you're through it.

Winnie Cooper: "Knock knock."
Kevin: "Who's there?"
Winnie Cooper: "Sam and Janet."
Kevin: "Sam and Janet who?"

And then Winnie Cooper sings "Some Enchanted Evening." People say women can be funny but I really wonder sometimes.

At 11/10c. there's a new episode of Virgin Territory, which is pretty sweet and pretty fake as we assumed, and also a Watch What Happens: Live about which I have no information at this time. Honestly if they just played the post-leg episode from last night every day at 11/10c. from here on out, that would be fine with me. What good television that was.

[ Image via TLC]

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