How was your Tuesday night? Did you watch Pretty Little Liars? I watched the shit out of it. I was especially amazed by how they answered some questions, nonsensically of course, but then what they did is they asked some new questions that you were like, "Wait, what?" Or on the other hand, do you wish they would just tell us who A is and we could all go to bed and just never get out of bed again? Do you sometimes wish all TV shows were five minutes long and there was no suspense ever?

"In a world of dystopia and people fighting for food in high school, one future person dies of a murder. Can they find out who it was in time? Yes. It was this guy George. What a b-hole. See you in our next installment, coming never, because this show is over now."

At 8/7c. So You Think You Can Dance continues its auditions with Round Three, LA and Philly. You've got the one-hour series finale of NBC's Growing Up Fisher, so all you blind-joke lovers better get your fix while you can. Actually I have no idea if that whole "constant blind jokes" thing is real, or just an idea we've collectively carried over from early reports, but either way I have seen the show and it wasn't very funny. If you like sitcoms about a white family with one daughter who is curious/conflicted about her role in life as a growing woman and one or two sons who are preoccupied with tits and getting into trouble, I hope you can find other shows to enjoy.

At 9/8c., The 100 hits its season finale, and Suits premieres its fourth season, and if you are into both of those shows at the same time: Who are you? What is your life like? There's also a two-hour special on NBC about OJ Simpson, whom Wikipedia tells me was a famous football player and racecar driver back in the '90s. All I remember from that year is that we were reading Othello in English, and the juxtaposition of those two things gave me some very strange, racist dreams for about two weeks. Just like the rest of America was having.

At 10/9c., there's the second-season premiere of USA's Graceland, which I understand to be the Real World of federal agencies? People who love it really love it, and everybody loves Aaron Tveit, but I can't say I've ever enjoyed a USA drama so I haven't found a reason to watch it. And then for those of us who enjoy the misery of others there is a fresh episode of Catfish or the second episode of Bravo's hilarious divorce comedy Untying The Knot.

What are your evening plans? I have not been sleeping, so I'll probably turn in, but hopefully not without catching up on Continuum and rewatching the Pretty Little Liars premiere at least once. If I have not listed your favorite show in the paragraphs above, why don't you tell us a little bit about it in the comments below?

[Image via IbHmc Clannad Man/Youtube]