How's it going? It's been kind of a busy day around here, so I'm looking forward to unwinding with a little downtime. How about you? Watching any TV tonight? Maybe catching up with OITNB, maybe something on DVR? Because they are not hugely serving our needs this week:

At 8/7c. I think you can watch some more So You Think You Can Dance auditions on Fox, or settle into 150 minutes of good old-fashioned CMT Music Awards. I hope that Luke Bryan does not fall off the stage yet again, but I will be watching just in case. I owe that man more than I can say.

At 9/8c. the two-part finale of CW's The 100 begins! Probably the buzziest YA sci-fi show of the season, and definitely the one I'm looking forward to catching up with, at some point. Rumor has it somebody will eventually make a decision that is not disastrous. And then over on Bravo there's Million Dollar Listing: New York, which I'm given to understand isn't really about real estate so much as it is the very disconcerting people that sell it.

At 10/9c.there's the usual—The Soup, backward-running procedural Motive—and a few interesting premieres. Science Channel's bizarrely titled but usually excellent Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman debuts its fifth (!) season with a strange question: "Is Poverty Genetic?" I want to say that this is not really the question they are asking, because if so, that is some bullshit—the answer's a firm no, but just you ask Piketty about the opposite—and I can't really figure out what's actually gonna go down.

Otherwise you've got a new Catfish on MTV, followed by an intriguing pilot on TV Land called Jennifer Falls, which... I don't personally have much reason to watch TV Land, as a rule, but the cast—Jaime Pressly, Jessica Walter, Missi Pyle, Ethan Suplee—is bonkers, and wonderful, enough that I think it's worth a look. Oh, and Bravo's got a bummer thrillride going up about crazy divorces, Untying The Knot, which sounds like the just-as-horrible opposite of Millionaire Matchmaker. Here's hoping the central person's as vile as Patti Stanger! Just kidding, nobody in the world is.

What about you, what are your plans for this evening? Let us know in the comments, because clearly there is a lot going on this fine day.

[Image via Science Channel]