Remember when everything went dead at the end of May and it was just reruns and strange channels you never knew you had? For now, those long weird days of summer are mostly confined to a couple of weeks at the tail end of sweeps, which is where we find ourselves in the run-up to Memorial Day Weekend. In years to come, we're told, there will be no seasons or pilots at all, and everything will just kind of ... happen. But until then, let's see what we've got.

At 8/7c, I will most definitely be watching two entire hours of American Bible Challenge, because I do love a challenge. Otherwise you have the first two hours of The CW's time-traveling French mythology weirdness mini, Labyrinth, and a special on e! about Reality Ex-Wives, which is probably at this point most of them. I will watch it but only if there is a shit-ton of Camille Grammer, from whom I would proudly get a divorce any day of the week.

At 9/8c, it's a bunch of premieres. Getting started early with the summer schedule. Gang Related on Fox, the two-hour Last Comic Standing premiere, and a third season of something called LA Hair that I don't know about, but find strangely intriguing. It's a well-known fact that the action behind the scenes at most hair salons is second only to ballet companies in its straight-up fuckedness, and I'd rather watch that go down from the safety of my living room. Or if you are more interested in the lifestyles of vagabonds and their celebratory masquerades, I dare you to watch My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

At 10/9c, we have more Black Box and The Challenge, plus Jenna Fischer appearing on Comedy Bang! Bang!. I remember really liking her at one point in time, before I realized that I hated her character on The Office and possibly (or retroactively) always had, so it's probably worth giving it a shot just to let the bygones go by. If not, this might be the week I finally give in and try to figure out what all the Challenge fuss is about. Was Heather B ever on that show? I always liked her.

What about you, what are you watching tonight? Or are you going out, to start the weekend right? Are you going to see the X-Men movie this weekend? If so, do you feel weird about that? Is there a difference between boycotting an auteur like Polanski or Woody Allen—who are part of the product—versus avoiding a big-budget film because of one single super-creep? Did you see Ender's Game in the theater? Was it terrible? It looked fucking terrible.

[Image of reality ex-wife Camille Grammer via Bravo]