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The only false step of an otherwise tastefully sparkly evening, at the Critics' Choice Awards, was when Matthew McConaughey lectured a room full of television actors on why it's no disgrace to act on television.

Normally I don't do award shows. If I wanted to watch a bunch of millionaires congratulate each other and eat hot fish I'd just head on down to the Santa Monica Whole Foods, but the Critics' Choice Awards is different.

For one thing, Critics' Choice nominates the good shows. And they don't squeeze out the drama by training a camera on all the loser's faces before they call up the winner, and they don't have a stream of hashtags on the lower third the entire broadcast. It seems like a tasteful good time, a slightly more relaxed gathering of genuinely talented people, and Jim Parsons.

Anyway, Dear Mr. McConaugo-hey-hey: You do not need to apologize for nor explain True Detective, it was maybe the best thing this year second only to AHS Coven. You do not need to white-knuckle your way through an explanation of how TV is better than it used to be, and quality, the kind of quality even actors who do film after film after film after FILM might deign to take part in.

This gif of Jon Voight in an opera scarf sums up my feelings towards my beloved (and I do love him so) Matthew's speech:

That aside, everything else was just a tribute to the Broadcast Film Critics' good taste: They nominated yours and my favorite TV creator, Ryan Murphy, for a Louis XIVVIDIIDV Genius Award. The man is a damn genius, and I've been waiting for an award show to stop in its tracks and give a standing O for American Horror Story: Coven. And then he was like, clever and self-effacing and awesome in receiving the award? And Tatiana Maslany got some love, as well she should. The Orange Is the New Black crew showed up looking like a million dollars dipped in glitter...

....and Laverne Cox said her mom was there?! I love when moms come to award shows! Shout out to OITNB mom(s) who came along!

Let's all make a pact that if we get invited to anything fancy we'll bring our moms. They've earned it.

Did you watch the Critics' Choice Awards? Did it relax you like a hot bath, or chill you like an ice cube? Did Matthew McConaughey convince the Broadcast Film Critics that TV was worthwhile? How is your day going? Fill me in.

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