Broad City is back, hell yeah.

The show that everyone loves to love (stay tuned for the inevitable Broad City backlash in 3...2...) premiered the first episode of its second season Wednesday night on Comedy Central. With a touch of serendipity, Abbi and Ilana invent coping mechanisms to deal with the sweltering New York City heat while we all freeze in the icy hellhole that is our current January reality.

The episode follows the pair as they stomp through New York in search of an air conditioner (mainly so that Abbi can fuck "Male Stacy," a character played by Seth Rogen, in cool peace). They decide to return to Ilana's old dorm, a facsimile of NYU, where they meet some current and hopeful students of the comedian's real alma mater. Their strategy to get an A/C? Raid the kids' rooms, smoke all their drugs, and make it out carrying Ilana's old unit, high as hell.

Besides a pesky instance of predatory behavior, they emerge triumphant. As if you could expect anything less from these bitches.