In every season of Big Brother, there's at least one young go-hard who comes at the house from minute one as though they are a seasoned competitor who has no choice but to treat every moment as though it is Sparta. Usually it is super fun to watch, because you get to share being amazed by them along with everybody else in the house as the person goes crazy right before your eyes for no reason. This year that first person is Devin:

(Pictured: Devin going crazy right in front of you.)

My favorite example is when my favorite all-time player, Alison Irwin from Season Two, came back for an All-Star year and went so crazy so fast that they all acted like it was a Paranormal Activity movie and she was doing things that were paranormal, instead of just super irritating and kind of bizarre, like hiding herself in a vase under the belief this would cause her to become invisible. (I can't find a clip but it was gorgeous. The best part was everybody standing around talking about like, "Does she know that we know she is in there? In that vase?") She was kind of kidding, but kind of not kidding at all. Devin, on the other hand, is 100 percent.


Here we see him go out of his way to build a web of deceit for no reason:

And then he decides to tell everybody in the house about his secret alliance and invite them into the secret alliance:


And then because it is the middle of the night he has to wake up Head Of Household Caleb, to proudly tell him what he has done:

And then he does it again! You have not even recovered from how crazy he is being and how excited he is to tell everybody about it, and he knocks you on your ass again!

And then just as you're wondering who is left ("Dear Vice President Biden, would you like to join my alliance? It is called the Bomb Squad! But it's a secret") he develops paranoid delusions about Donnie, the season's first breakout star:

And then the game proceeds as usual. Although weirdly, Frankie threw his bestie Victoria under the bus for reasons that were never made clear to anybody, even it seemed Frankie himself. Maybe he just thinks his bond with Caleb is unbreakable, which is the opposite of what it actually is, which is going to be utterly over within five minutes.

The other remarkable thing about this episode was the new "Battle of the Block" competition, which was developed to drive up the show's Live Viewing numbers since it has the potential to change so many things: Two people are brought off the eviction block, and one Head of Household is returned to Gen Pop. But what makes this one remarkable in particular is that it was freaking beautiful. One of the best competitions ever to be featured on the show, in terms of both entertainment value and raw aesthetic beauty:

In the end, Miami's Victoria and Brittany the MILF came off the block heading into Wednesday's Power of Veto competition, which will upset those nominations (now standing at Donnie vs. Pao Pao) one more time before Thursday's Live Eviction.

In the meantime, we leave you with the Live Feed Open Thread, and this clip of Caleb and Frankie trying to divine the secrets of Brittany's inscrutable affect:

[Images and video via CBS]

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