This decent followup to Kiss Me, which I didn't really like four months ago and rolled my eyes about when it turned out to be viral marketing for wear apparel, is much more like it.

It's open-handed marketing for Masters Of Sex, with a tenuous relationship to the show and a particularly Showtime-y hunger for notoriety and buzz, but it does nail one thing: The gorgeous, holy innocence of sex that the show captures so enigmatically and beautifully (particularly in its pilot). We do a lot of talking about "naughty" and "dirty" when it comes to fucking, and that's never sat right with me, because sex isn't those things: It's wonderful.

And here, as on the show, and all too rarely otherwise, that's what's being celebrated. It takes what I personally found a little creepy and performative about the kissing video, and makes it disarming: The awkward, universal minutiae and conversation of people tentatively undressing one another.

Of all the films I have seen where people take each other's clothes off—and I would say that is at least ten films, not to brag—I would rank this one very near the top.

[Film by Tatia Pilieva]

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