The Venn Diagram of werewolf TV characters and werewolves you would like to have sex with is a perfect circle and this fact has never been truer than in the current TV season. We are all positively bedridden with Werewolf Fever! From Teen Wolf's small army of towel-clad hunks to whatever Joe Manganiello is up to at any given time, clearly no amount of blood or facial deformity is a deal-breaker. So in the spirit of rote animalistic horniness, please enjoy this DEFINITIVE list of all the hottest TV werewolves ever.

1. Scott, Teen Wolf

2. Alcide, True Blood

3. Oz, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4. Tyler, The Vampire Diaries

5. Derek, Teen Wolf

6. Hayley, The Originals

7. Isaac, Teen Wolf

8. Peter Hale, Teen Wolf

9. Jackson, Teen Wolf

10. Jackson, The Gates

11. Josh, Being Human

12. British Josh, Being Human

13. Uncle Mason, The Vampire Diaries

14. This guy, Hemlock Grove

15. Lil' Oliver, The Originals

16. Blonde Werewolf, Bitten

17. Garth, Supernatural

18. Canadian Werewolf, Bitten

19. Piz, Veronica Mars

20. The Fisting Twins, Teen Wolf

21. Jackson, The Originals

22. Fox Mulder, The X-Files

23. Not Sure, The Gates

24. Nurse Bailey, Grey's Anatomy

25. Bill Hemmer, Fox News

26. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell

27. Shepard Smith, Fox News

28. Worf

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