Tonight on TV there's the last of the summer's bad girls, an investigation of Uncle Tom's Cabin in the historical real world, Jon Hamm introducing Daniel Radcliffe to manhood, and some low-level wizards.

At 8/7c. we bid a fond adieu to those ladies of the Bad Girls Club in a poignant episode entitled, "Smell Ya Later!" in which perhaps some girls are smelled by other girls or perhaps this activity is postponed indefinitely, but either way I would not want to smell the Girls in that particular Club. ABC's Extreme Weight Loss introduces us to a former Marine and a lady from Vegas who seems to have had an impossibly tough life so far; one of them will be kicked off the show for "bad behavior." That show seems rough altogether, doesn't it? The "extreme" is for the amount, but I guess also for the hardcoreness. How much trouble can a 410-pound Marine get into is a question to which I hope I never learn the answer for myself.

There's also the Candid Camera reboot on the zombie network for zombies, TV Land, and a cute SAHM battles the chefs of Food Fighters on NBC. Otherwise it's a PBS Special on Josiah Henson, "the Man Behind the Story of Uncle Tom's Cabin," or the penultimate Pretty Little Liars, in which Spencer's unbelievably cagey sister Melissa finally fesses up to a thing or two about the various secret societies, fake pregnancies, and evil twins she's been covering up 'til now.

At 9/8c. there's the usual Rizzoli & Isles, Royal Pains and America's Got Talent; Sisterhood of Hip Hop's second episode on Oxygen, and an episode of the toxic Dance Moms with the dubious title of "Abby-Phobic." Slightly less creepy: the "Sideshow Murders" episode of ID's Evil Kin. Finally, there's the seventh (!) episode of runaway hit Married at First Sight. (Which kind of sideshow would you rather be involved in?)

At 10/9c. there's Tyrant, Covert Affairs and the midseason finale of Perception; a new show on Syfy called Wizard Wars that is not actually about wizards (just dorks); and Ovation's second season of short-run series A Young Doctor's Notebook, in which Jon Hamm travels back in time to bother Harry Potter and do heroin. Apparently it's good, but I have to admit it does not seem like my kind of thing at all. The second Singles Project on Bravo and a new Finding Carter on MTV are closer to my kind of thing, but I mean: It's obviously Drunk History and the Nathan For You finale, at least in this house. The former's got Winona Ryder back and the latter involves weird kid Nathan Fielder being himself weird to kids. Done. Easy.

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