Welcome to Tuesday! Tonight we've got little liars and big ones, people getting famous for no reason, and couple of beloved Comedy Central series returning for their second seasons.

At 8/7c., the America's Got Talent auditions continue on NBC. CW's got a new episode of horror docudrama Famous In 12, and there's an all-new episode in what's proving so far to be the best season yet of Pretty Little Liars, on ABC Family.

At 9/8c., there's new Abby's Studio Rescue ("Abby Meets Her Match") and DeGrassi, on TLC and Teen Nick respectively; the Janice Dickinson saga continues on E!'s weirdly enjoyable Botched, and of course Real Housewives Of New York City continues to astound and amaze on Bravo, before a new People's Couch.

At 10/9c. you've got the exciting premieres of the excellent Drunk History and Nathan For You on Comedy Central, and a very special Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC featuring the households of—get this—lesbian comedian Judy Gold and professional pervert/irritant Penn Jillette. I mean, I'm going to have to watch that.

What do you think? Do you like Judy Gold? She used to do this bit about having her own TV show where she would ride down a spit curl that I still wake up singing about sometimes. Mostly I'm looking forward to PLL, because it is magnificent, and RHONY, because they are back to being the Bravo flagship and it's very satisfying to sit and wonder why. And also simply to be full of wonder.

[Image via Comedy Central]