Courtesy of HBO, here's your first glimpse of True Detective Season 2, a forthcoming television event based on a popular Twitter meme. True Detective's first iteration kept devoted fans guessing at the identity of the true detective until the final episode—and we can only guess the show's extremely likable creator will repeat that winning strategy the second time around. Who will be the true detective in True Detective Season 2?

Rachel McAdams

After some bluesy vocals, softly strummed minor chords, and a helicopter shot of a quintessentially Californian highway interchange—we're not in Louisiana anymore, even if the music is exactly the same—we see would-be true detective number one: Rachel McAdams. Show creator Nic Pizzolatto's unshakably masculine worldview would seem to preclude a woman from seriously contending, but her placement at the beginning of the trailer bodes well.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 3:1

Vince Vaughn

Actor's actor Vince Vaughn displays little recognizable emotion throughout the trailer, indicating that his character will be mysterious, hardboiled, averse to authority but not about to get all whiny about it. His demeanor certainly fits the true detective archetype, but if anything, Vaughn might be too stoic for the contested role. He does shove someone at one point, so that's a good sign.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 7:4

Colin Farrell

Now this guy—this guy is a detective. He smokes, he drinks a lot (probably), he has a mustache, he dons brass knuckles and punches a guy in the face. His first appearance onscreen occurs at precisely the same moment the lyric "You never were the type to keep a rulebook near" crosses the singer's lips on the soundtrack. Christ, he wears a bolo tie! Who wears a bolo tie? This guy does. Three words: True. Fucking. Detective.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 1:1

Taylor Kitsch

I'll be honest: I haven't the slightest idea who this person is. Where is Taylor Kitsch? Is it the redheaded lady? The guy in the mask at the end? The placement of Taylor Kitsch's name following the word "starring" in HBO's description of the show would seem to indicate that he or she is some sort of famous actor, but the longer I look at it, the foggier and more mysterious everything becomes, like I'm Rust Cohle after one too many shots of Jameson and boinks of my partner's wife. Taylor Kitsch is not the true detective. Maybe he's the killer.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 66:1

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