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Donna has not only lost her fucking mind and become a real life version of Valerie Cherish, she's dragged poor Kelly into her mess too.

What you've just watched is a clip of ABC Family's Mystery Girls, a candy-colored canned-laughter three-camera sitcom that Tori Spelling co-created.

The premise: two former 90's TV sensations team up to solve crimes. Spelling's character, Holly Hamilton, according to the show's site "longs for her glory days in the 90's when she was on television" while Jennie Garth just wants to make a living and wear snappy blazers.

Clearly the series is trading on the in-joke that Tori and Jennie Garth know whereof their characters speak.

Spelling's broad, bubbly, single Holly would be a fun alter ego if it weren't for the gritty rawness of Lifetime's True Tori, which finished its run shortly before the premiere of Mystery Girls. True Tori chronicles the unravelling of Spelling's marriage and exposed Tori's deep insecurities over her marriage, her fame, her public adolescence.

[There was a video here]

How in the name of the Lord are we meant to reconcile the two, the broken true Tori and the sassy semi-autobiographical Holly that she created? If the super-gritty True Tori was meant to give ballast to the sitcom, then is Holly Hamilton intentionally positioned to be some kind of meta tragic clown, grinning madly while we know her heart is breaking?

Did Tori figure airing the two shows so close together would work in her favor, the publicity overlapping and the contrast in her public selves compelling us to watch Mystery Girls ? Did she get this idea from The Comeback, where Valerie Cherish films a goofy role in shitty 3-camera sitcom Room & Bored while a hateful reality show intrudes on the most intimate moments of her life?

It is basically impossible Spelling assumed ABC Family and Lifetime's audiences were so disparate she could act out this fantasy self in a bubble. She referred to her "project [she] created" and "working full time" again and again on True Tori, so platforms crossed, bros.

Is she selling us her pain or her redemption?

And I'm not going to even mention the empty hollow hell in Jennie Garth's eyes.

[ Images via ABC Family and Lifetime]

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