Join us tonight as we live-chat another episode of Top Chef: Boston — otherwise known as Everybody Loves Gregory. Because it's true, as far as I can tell: If there are any people out there who don't like this season's talented front-runner, Gregory Gourdet, I haven't encountered them yet.

But if you're a lurking Greg hater, feel free to join our open thread and tell us how much you #hategregory, just to be contrarian. Contrarianism is always encouraged here!

Here's how this chat party works, if you haven't joined us before: Just turn on your TV, watch the episode — which airs at 10 Eastern on Bravo (and is also simultaneously streamed online) — and use the comments section below this post to share your observations and humorous insights about the show, as it happens. To give you an idea just how humorous such insights can be, here are a few of my favorite comments from last week's open thread:

  • GoOnWithoutMe Hello! I would like gluten-free, casein-free, MSG-free gabbing, but with a side of vaccine.
  • BaileyQuarters I just saw the oily Kim K., so I would like a side order of memory-eraser.
  • BabyJane I think the loser of the Reynold's Wrap challenge is contractually obligated to shout "foiled again!"
  • AuntCake I love Urkel as much as I utterly despise Aaron, who I can't be bothered to nickname. Have we given him one?
  • AntiNickname Aarsehole?
  • chatcat2000 I would like to put forth "Furious George."
  • Project_Ceeteau OMG! The Redcoats are coming!
  • BabyJane Or in Padma's case, the RedEyes are coming!
  • notanotherasian Considering Aaron's recent news, I'd recommend that he smoke something other than salmon.
  • BabyJane Richard Blais is truly gifted. Gifted like a small child at Christmas who has been forgotten by Santa, only to have a stolen truck full of toys crash into his living room because the the driver was distracted while eating a sweet banana. #blaisisms
  • BaileyQuarters You know what I just can't figure out? Did Aaron to culinary school or not?
  • kirac Too bad Aaron is a liar and did not in fact shoot himself in the face after losing to dessert.

Here are a few footnotes the commentary above, for those of you who may not have participated in past open threads: Blaisisms are tortured extended metaphors of the sort that Richard Blais has been prone utter at the judging table this season (such as his notorious "sweet banana" metaphor, which I quoted in full here last week). And Urkel is one of our nicknames for Gregory, which also include the variant Tall Urkel (or Turkel for short), as well as Male Carla. He is a man who has many nicknames, to go along with his many challenge victories!

Here are a few things to watch for on tonight's episode, based on what I saw in the previews:

  • Season 1 finalist Tiffani Faison will host a cranberry-bog-themed Quickfire challenge. Why does Tiffani have to do with cranberries, I wonder? The fact that she is tart-tongued and not very sweet?
  • In the elimination challenge, the chefs will have to make a Thanksgiving feast at historic Plimoth Plantation — a site so old, it dates back to the days before correct spelling was invented.
  • Gregory will be in trouble! He'll struggle with cook over an open fire! His meat will be "too chewy"! Could he be in danger of elimination? Ha! Fat chance. But we now know he's not invincible, which is different, at least.

OK gang, it's time to get this online group hug started. I'll see you down in the comments!