At 9/8c. the main question is, Do you ever find yourself wondering why you can't remember where you were when JFK was shot? That's because every single part of the last fifty years has been essentially a training course for what to do if you ever find yourself a straight white guy coming of age in the Sixties. With that said, CNN's series The Sixties on that infinitely important time in all of our lives begins tonight, should you need to fill in any of the blanks in your knowledge, which almost certainly do not exist.

If you are humorless in a different way, NBC gives us a double-shot of its new sitcom Undateable—starring affable showkillers Chris D'Elia and Bianca Kajlich as houseparents to a variety of fun white losers—with the pilot and a bonus episode. You can watch the trailer and judge for yourself whether this is something meant for someone like yourself. I know my answer for sure!

At 10/9c. there's The Challenge, of course, up against two very intriguing things in the fucked-up real world/horror department: An episode of ID's Blood Relatives entitled "He Said/She's Dead!" and the season premiere of Lisa Ling's now-cancelled-but-enjoyable OWN show, Our America, all about the... fight against Satan? Is that right? Lisa Ling vs. Satan. Tough call. (Alexa Chung vs. Satan, no contest.) One half-hour later, Fred Armisen visits Comedy Bang! Bang!, which I can see being either marvelous, or 100 percent like the hideous noise that occurs when you place two speakers facing each other, doing almost the same thing on very different wavelengths.

At 11/10c., there's a "Super Fan Special" for The Challenge, which could very well be excellent but probably will be as screechingly awkward as any given episode of Wolf Watch, and then an hour later, the full second season of Derek premieres on Netflix. I have zero to say about Derek, because I have zero to say about Ricky Gervais (other than "fuckin' of course he did" in response to anything and everything Ricky Gervais does).

Who do you think would win in a fight: Alexa Chung, Lisa Ling, Satan, or Serena Altschul? Do you find that you have a sliding scale with Ricky Gervais, or do you just love everything he does all the time? Do you generally enjoy other things that are nasty and uncomfortable, like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Lisa Lampanelli, or is it easier because he's British?

[Image/irony via PBS]