Welcome to your guide to Thursday! Tonight we've got yet more Big Brother, some Kate Gosselin and her unknown number of children, and Mark Ruffalo putting up with both Andy Cohen and Keira Knightley at the same time.

At 8/7c. your choices are pretty varied. For the more fantastically-minded among us, there are new episodes of Defiance on Syfy and American Bible Challenge on GSN. Otherwise, Fox's Hell's Kitchen is back down to seven chefs, and Black Box is still going at it for whatever summer-programming reason.

9/8c. brings us the second half of CBS's Big Brother premiere (and cast). What will the thrilling twist be that caused this to be a two-night introductory event? I think there will be two separate houses, with the people informing on each other and speaking only through keyholes and two-way mirrors. That's my current guess. Otherwise it's Syfy's second episode of the satisfactorily weird Dominion, beloved stalwart Rectify, and a double-shot (aka burn-off) of Undateable with the unbelievably on-the-nose episode titles of "Low Hanging Fruit" and "Daddy Issues." (If you can for some specific reason handle one but not two episodes of that show, there's always Honey Boo Boo at 9:30.)

At 10/9c., TLC offers up another "upd8" in its seemingly random stream of Kate Plus 8 episodes appearing out of nowhere all the time this summer. Last Comic Standing has moved to the "challenge" portion of the show, and there's a new Real World/Road Rules Challenge as well. Or, before Tony Hawk appears on Comedy Bang! Bang!, you can really dig in and enjoy the hilarity of an episode of Maron entitled "Mouth Cancer Gig."

Otherwise you're screwed until 11/10c., when Keira Knightley pretends to happen live on Watch What Happens: Live, near Mark Ruffalo who will be pretending to watch it happen.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Big Brother giving us the other half of what we were supposed to get last night? Do you have any thoughts on why this is happening? Are you so super sick of Big Brother already even though it's only been one episode? Because I kind of feel that way every summer. I just learned to let it ride.

[Image via TLC]