How great was that kid on Louie last night? Get used to seeing a lot more of Devin Druid in the very near future. As for tonight, the only thing I really care about is the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, which either makes sense to you as a fellow human being or does not. Mostly I'm just glad we're getting more fully into the summer season. Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, those ladies signal better than anything that summer has once again begun.

At 8/7c. there are new episodes of 19 Kids & Counting, Bad Girls Club, and Famous In 12, a special one-hour presentation of True Tori, and the continued America's Got Talent auditions. I can't pretend I've gotten any closer to understanding what Fox's Riot even is, but I do know that two of comedy's most inscrutable humans, Rob Delaney and David Arquette, will be appearing on it tonight. And of course, Pretty Little Liars picks up back in NYC with some surprising people dying and some other surprising people not being dead.

At 9/8c. there's a fair amount of stuff going on, for this time of year. The NBA finals continue on ABC, Royal Pains enters its sixth season of being a show that is a secret, and ABC Family's new cancer-ridden romcom drama Chasing Life debuts. Meanwhile in what we jokingly call reality television: I Wanna Marry "Harry" introduces its "Prince William," the Little Women of LA continue to make strides toward acceptance by acting horrible in bathing suits, and the Real Housewives Of New York City say hello to an old, dear friend named Kelly Bensimon, popularly known for the even-keeled, rational approach these women so desperately need. When in the tumult one must find an anchor, and if that anchor brings satchels of gold and is wearing a mask over her face for secret Kelly reasons, all the better.

At 10/9c., MTV's Awkward. leads into the Faking It season finale (renewed!) and the still-stellar Playing House continues on USA. If adults solving crimes and/or medical conditions is more your bag, there's NBC's Night Shift and Fargo on FX. And if that doesn't give you enough feelings to get you through the night, MTV's following that up with a special about the implacable and yet mysterious phenomenon known as Ed Sheeran at 11/10c. or thereabouts.

What do you think? Are you mostly just waiting around for Teen Wolf to start at this point, or will the Sheeran thing get you through? I liked the duet with him on the Taylor Swift album and he seems affable, but other than that I still can't get a read. He looks like Debbie from Shameless, which I can't deny increases my warmth toward him tenfold. Are you tired of people talking about Pretty Little Liars? Do you know what Twitter is and, if so, are you sick of that show wearing Twitter like a glove for 24 hours every week?

What is the wisest lesson you have learned from Pretty Little Liars? (Mine is "Act Normal, Bitch." Obviously.) What is the wisest lesson you have learned from Twitter? (Mine has been that no matter how guilty and self-loathing you feel with a hangover, everybody is the exact same kind of stupid when they are drunk.) What is the wisest lesson you have learned from Ed Sheeran? (Mine is that you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time. Especially when you are chilling with Taylor Swift.)

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