What's your weekend going to be like? Is it summer yet where you are? This is the first week we've had the A/C going, which is generally the time to give in say, "Okay." What are your favorite things to do in the summer? I am still trying to figure that one out. Until we do, here's some TV things that are happening, as the heavens move from basketball to football just like in Ancient Greek times.

Friday night there's a double shot of the Betty White show about the old people at 8/7c., then at 10/9c. there's Continuum and Real Time on Syfy and HBO respectively. Around midnight, EDT, The Half Hour starts up on Comedy Central, with double episodes throughout the summer. Where would you say standup comedy is at, right now, as far as what's readily accessible? I liked the Adam DeVine show, generally at least two of the acts were decent-to-genius, but I'm interested to see what's going on with the people on the Half Hour tier of that whole world.

Saturday, there's a Lifetime movie at 8/7c. called The Mentor which I can only assume is about respecting boundaries. Then at 9/8c. you've got a Sinbad special on Comedy Central—see what I was saying?—and Iyanla is going to try and Fix somebody's Angry Father. Power's second episode is up, on Starz, and I'm starting to wonder what people think of that. It sounds very interesting. Orphan Black's getting toward its finale, and then an hour later In The Flesh finishes its second season, on BBCA. You never know with those British shows, if they will ever come back, but I could happily watch that one forever and ever.

And then Sunday, the Enlisted burnoff is wrapping up (Fox, 7/6c.), then Kandi's Wedding continues on Bravo, and the Smithsonian Network's offering up a little something called Shark Girl. What do you suppose that is about? I hope it's not a medical problem, those are total bummers. (I would like for it to be about a girl who can talk to sharks, like in L'Engle's classic young adult dolphin-talker book A Ring Of Endless Light. But with a ring of endless sharks!) There's a half-hour True Blood retrospective leading into the Game Of Thrones finale at 9/8c., which if you're not watching that you could still enjoy the Escape Artist miniseries on PBS, starring David Tennant in some glamorous wigging indeed. 10/9c. brings us more Penny Dreadful, followed by John Oliver on HBO (11:30/10:30c.) and the fourth-season premiere of Superjail on Adult Swim, at 11:45.

Kind of bleak, up until Sunday. I don't know what happens, in the world, after Game Of Thrones is over. What will dads talk about, as well as all the other kinds of people? Are you planning on watching the last season of True Blood, or have you already put your money down on Leftovers (6/29) being the new True Detective? I am looking forward to it, I always like Perrotta things a lot more onscreen than I end up liking them on the page. I can't think of anybody else who's like that, can you?

[Image via BBC]