Did you watch The Good Wife this weekend and think one of the scenes seemed oddly staged? If so, you weren’t alone—rumor has it lead actress Julianna Margulies hates co-star Archie Panjabi so much that the show runners have been writing their characters in separate scenes for at least two years.

Rumors of the feud aren’t exactly new—according to the Washington Post, the speculation dates back to the last scene they shot together.

How is it possible that Alicia and Kalinda — once best friends and major characters whose professional worlds frequently collide — have not shared a scene together in two years? Not that they haven’t spoken: Alicia and Kalinda often talk on the phone in scenes obviously filmed separately. But their characters literally have not been in the same room on screen since the middle of the fourth season.

So it was a big deal when they appeared together in a scene that aired Sunday—or did they?

The breakdown, via TV Guide’s Joyce Eng:

Now, the scene. I’m gonna need physical proof that these two were in the same room. Because they weren’t. And if they were, it was not for more than five seconds to sling back shots. But they really weren’t. At no point did their eyes lock, their hands touch or was there a two-shot during the bulk of the conversation. Each was always blocked in a single shot with the other person’s head just awkwardly in the frame during the convo, aka work a stand-in can do. I mean, I’ve seen scenes on The Hills faked better. Are they just trolling us? Maybe. But it’s frankly sad that after two years, they couldn’t even film a brief “pay-off” scene for real. At least it was miles better than last week’s comical bar flashback.

And here’s a clip from the scene in question:

The crux of the conspiracy theory holds that Margulies—now a producer on the show—is directly responsible for the utter dearth of interaction between the characters who were originally written as friends. And the showrunners aren’t exactly denying it. Via the Post:

Margulies tells The Huffington Post that the friendship between the two characters was “played out,” and “To bring it back would be going backwards instead of moving forward.” When Robert King is asked by The Daily Beast about Margulies’s comments, he talks around the issue at first but eventually says, “We won’t get into a public fight with Julianna on this because she knows this character almost better than anyone.”

No one’s come out and confirmed it, though the Post notes TV critics Alan Sepinwall and Daniel Fienberg have both discussed the rumor as fact.

Weird! If you’ve heard anything, drop it in the comments.

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