The world is getting gayer, so it would make sense that the BET Awards are, too. Last night’s show offered little justification for its four hour runtime, unless, maybe, you were a homo.

Here is a list of the BET Awards’ gayest moments—ordered from RuPaul to Queen Latifah.

The Supreme Court

Last night’s show had some dominant themes. Nicki Minaj is too good for this shit. Rihanna is too famous for this shit. Tracee Ellis Ross is too funny to being doing this shit. Chris Brown is too shitty for this shit. Also, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna (Tyga’s most recent adult partner) showed up as dates in matching suits to honor the court’s decision. Apparently they kissed, as well. I saw Blac Chyna being interviewed and either she doesn’t like cameras or she was high as shit.

During the Empire cast’s medley of songs, Jussie Smollett, who is gay IRL and on TV, said a short spoken word interlude about marriage equality. Here is a transcription, via EW:

“We live in a nation where freedom is what we represent, yet we are still fighting every day for the basic freedoms of all of our people,” he said. “Let the Supreme Court ruling be proof of how far we have come. Let the deaths of sisters and brothers be proof of how far we have to go. No one is free until we are all free.” He ended the performance with three simple words: “Stand for love.”

Patti Labelle also made a statement celebrating the court’s decision during her performance, saying:

“We celebrate the Supreme Court decision that all people can love who they want, and they can even get married,” Labelle said. “Can I get a whoop whoop?”

Whoop whoop.

Laverne Cox

The transgender actress and activist presented an award early in the night in matching outfits with Gabrielle Union.

She was also specifically recognized by BET CEO Debra Lee during her annual speech for dancing in the crowd. And her red carpet look was stunning as always.

“No tea, no shade”

Throughout the broadcast, BET ran promos for its post-show... show. The curious thing about the promos is that the tagline was “no tea, no shade,” perhaps the most gay saying of them all.

K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton

I’m still not sure why these two got a slot (along with the aforementioned Patti Labelle) during hour three of the show, but I can scarcely imagine a gayer confluence of events than K. Michelle—who has dated women—and Tamar Braxton—who is so beloved by gay men that she has both been impersonated and appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race—performing together during Pride Weekend.

That Tamar’s eye make up looked eerily reminiscent of 2015’s Breakout Viral Gay Local News Witness was icing atop the funfetti cake.

Jason Derulo’s well-timed entrance

The big centerpiece of this year’s show was a rather bizarre tribute to Janet Jackson—a queer icon who made the most sexually progressive pop music of a generation. The performance featured Jason Derulo, Ciara and Tinashe dancing—but not singing!—along to some of Janet’s biggest hits, before Janet herself floated across the stage in a white coat—without singing!— to accept her award.

It was mostly a let down. My favorite part was when Derulo bounded onstage to Janet’s “All For You” right at the part where Janet sings “got a nice package alright, guess I’ll have to ride it tonight.” That line was silenced either for the television censors or because Jason Derulo does not personally want to ride nice packages alright, but either way the timing was poignantly gay.

Omarion and Chris Brown eat the booty like groceries

Instead of being in prison forever, Chris Brown was at the BET Awards. He performed a song with Tyga, and then transitioned into “Post to Be,” the incredible Omarion hit that he guests on. The most memorable thing—or, at the very least, the most viral thing—about “Post to Be” is Jhene Aiko’s infamous line, “but he gotta eat the booty like groceries.”

For reasons unannounced, Jhene Aiko was not at the BET Awards, so instead Brown and Omarion danced around the stage during her verse. This means that when Jhene Aiko sang about getting her ass eaten, it was just the two dudes, alone in the center of the stage, conversing about the act of licking buttholes.

Here was Chris Brown’s face at that very moment.

Straight ass eating is cool now but we know where you guys got it from.

[image via Sam Woolley]

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