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I realize that singling out Courtney Love as the best thing on Empire this week is obvious, but such are the charms of a show as unpretentious and easily likable as this one. Courtney told TV Guide (among outlets) that diva legends inspired her portrayal of her character Elle Dallas:

I kind of took the diva-ness of Mariah [Carey], who I know socially and really like, but she's always with four people. She's got a bodyguard and stuff like that, which I don't need. Mariah is her own universe and I adore her, but she's hilarious. Some of Whitney [Houston] and the tragedy of Whitney. A little [Amy] Winehouse I think. We're following a little of that story. So I mixed it up. A little Stevie [Nicks]. ... I always steal from Stevie anyway.

I detect a bit of Joe Cocker in her rendition of Al Green's "Take Me to the River," but whatever. For your enjoyment, here is a picture of Courtney Love and Mariah Carey knowing each other socially, back to back:

Also for your enjoyment is Cookie's big reveal:

That is the second best thing to happen on Empire this week.

The third best thing was Raven-Symoné's end-of-episode cameo, in which she played a character named Olivia, as she did 26 years ago on The Cosby Show:

[There was a video here]

That cascade of reaction shots proves this show isn't even trying to be anything but the soapy soap that it is. I can't wait to find out how Jamal's gay dick got him into this mess!