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In MTV's Teen Mom 2 Season 5B premiere we learned the perfect way to shut down an argument over someone's lack of decorum: "It came to a tasing" I'm going to keep that one in my back pocket.

A little context for this clip: of all MTV's Teen Moms, Jenelle Evans (she's the one in glasses nodding when attorney Amy Lawrence describes her boyfriend as an asshole) has always been the wildest child out of an otherwise relatively mature batch of adolescent parents. But at last Jenelle has met her match for needless drama in Nathan, seen above, a "certified body builder" who has spent the last season bickering with her endlessly and racking up a third DUI charge alongside, apparently, a tasing.

While Jenelle can't seem to articulate her disappointments in Nathan's overall demeanor during their arguments, Amy Lawrence is here to be the hero Gotham deserves and tell him straight to his face he's been acting like an asshole. Thank you, Amy Lawrence. Tough talk may roll off this guy's back much like a policeman's taser, but you tried.

[ Video via MTV]

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