Here Are the TV and Movies You Should Stream This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 12/12/14 04:38PM

Looking forward to a warm night in with someone you are super comfortable around? Crack open some wine and enjoy these recently added streaming delights, selected specifically for you the consumer.

The Best TV and Movies to Stream ​This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 12/05/14 02:15PM

This weekend represents one of the few normal weekends you're going to get, between all the holidays and holidays parties and other ways of being American that this time of year forces down your gullet. So why rest up, save your strength, revel in all the rich entertainment bounty that is available to you? We have great ideas this week.

​Your Weekend TV Streaming Guide

Jacob Clifton · 11/14/14 04:58PM

It's been a long week full of weird weather for most of us, and travel for an odd number of people so close to the holidays in my experience, but all of that is over now. It's officially cold enough to log some serious blanket time, so curl up, check out the Weekend Guide to what's airing in the upcoming days, and enjoy this week's Morning After Guide to Streaming.

The Very Best TV Series to Stream This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 11/07/14 09:01AM

Between the revelry and the time change and flu shots making you feel weird and the crazy weather, maybe it's best just to give in and go into autumnal mode: Light some fires, layer some middle-weights, buy a SAD app for your phone that will shine light directly into your face (or, if that is not invented yet, look for me on an upcoming episode of Shark Tank, where I'll probably hit on Mark Cuban just to see what he does and then buy my app), cuff yourself to a jumpoff for the remainder, check off your plans with the Weekend Guide, and then snuggle down for some of the nearly limitless entertainments of history now at your disposal, with this week's Morning After Guide to Streaming.

The Best Things to Stream This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 10/24/14 05:00PM

Tonight marks the beginning of Halloweek, when everybody who wants to throw a Halloween party knows that, like with birthdays, even one day after actual thing feels like a huge sad lie. If you're not partying Friday night, then you better carve some pumpkins or shit this weekend! But if you resist the power of Hallowe'en, either because you are in a monogamous relationship and as an adult have no use for it, or simply because you are lazy but not interested in what's coming up, why not use this hallowed we'ekend (wee'nd? Weeknd?) to catch up on your streaming?

The Best TV Shows Streaming Online Right Now

Jacob Clifton · 10/17/14 05:30PM

Now that the fall season is in full swing, there's a lot of TV to keep up with and the weekend is no different. But if you've exhausted your options and the Weekend Guide isn't doing for the remainder (and you already watched Transparent, obviously) here are some of Morning After's other top picks for the weekend.