This Is What Happens When You Make Selina Meyer President, on Veep

Adam Carlson · 06/09/14 08:10AM

Admire Veep. Adore it, even. But let's agree: No show in the history of HBO, America, or the world has ever done so little with so much. It's a show about the ruling class of the wealthiest nation in the most developed period of human existence in the entire span of recorded history. So reach out your left hand and tick off your fingers—1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Now, there. You've just counted up every important decision ever made on Veep's three seasons. The verbal wit (its scaber and sabreteeth) is somehow inverse to the quality of the storytelling. Isn't it fun to be so honest, finally? To stop pretending that any of this means anything? I mean of course the Iranians don't feel that way; neither do the financial markets tethered to them. And that sweet Syrian couple, what were their names? God can you imagine? Syria? In 2014?

The Only Thing We Should Talk About Is Selina's New Haircut on Veep

Adam Carlson · 06/02/14 08:30AM

Unbeknownst to anyone and for no particular reason, Selina Meyer got a new haircut. Yeah yeah she also came in second in a debate and continued her campaign to be elected as the world's most powerful person, trampling the body of at least one rival, but my God that haircut. What kind of decision-making is that? It would look great on almost any other kind of person. Someone with duller teeth, maybe.

Veep Stumbles Back and Forth Across The Pond

Adam Carlson · 05/19/14 08:00AM

Being Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Imagine it. Imagine the endless decision-making—where to put your face one second and then how to change it in the next? Really, JLD's face can do anything. Have you ever freeze-framed Veep? The effort pays out rich dividends in terror and joy. JLD's mandible-level acting alone. Her trick is making us hate everyone else more than we constantly, desperately want to hate ourselves.