Somebody Went to Princeton for "Architecture Shit" on Vanderpump Rules

Allie Jones · 12/23/14 02:33PM

Last night on Vanderpump Rules, we became more acquainted with Sur's newest hostess, Vail Bloom. Whether or not that's her real name isn't important. What's important is that she went to Princeton. The university. Ivy League, New Jersey, something about eating clubs—ever heard of it?

Kristen's Boobs Visit Ex-BF Tom for the Last Time on Vanderpump Rules

Allie Jones · 12/16/14 10:10AM

Last night on Vanderpump Rules, deviously teary Sur waitress Kristen visited her ex-boyfriend Tom to "get her mail" for the last time, allegedly. Kristen spent roughly 15 minutes of the show preparing for this visit by curling her hair and displaying her breasts. Tom said the effort was "so obvious." These people are bad.

Katie Motorboated Some Guy's Dick on Vanderpump Rules

Allie Jones · 12/02/14 04:15PM

Vanderpump Rules is such a fuck fest that it's hard to tell who's cheating on who anymore, but last night, we learned something important: pleasant wallflower Katie motorboated some guy's dick at a club, and that dick was not her boyfriend Tom's.

Mean Comments Don't Count If You Only Retweet Them on Vanderpump Rules

Allie Jones · 11/18/14 03:17PM

Last night on Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump wanted us to care about the launch of her sexxxxy swanky new restaurant PUMP in Beverly Hills, but all the drama centered around a cable box in her servers' shitty Valley apartment. And, of course, Twitter.

Everybody Punches Each Other at Scheana's Birthday on Vanderpump Rules

Allie Jones · 11/04/14 10:21AM

Bravo's Vanderpump Rules season three premiere last night centered on a birthday party and Instagram, much like the lives of its "stars" (the slightly-past-20-something servers at Lisa Vanderpump's Officially Sexy sexxxxy® restaurant Sur). The birthday was Scheana's, for whom "it's all happening."