Your Guide to the Next Week's TV Premieres

Dan Abromowitz · 08/22/14 09:50AM

Heading ever further into the high perfervid season mortals call Fall, here's the greatest of the latest stuff you might remember to tell your DVR or aged auntie about, coming up over the next week:

Ranking the New Amazon Prime Exclusives

Jacob Clifton · 08/21/14 08:00AM

Amazon Prime's Instant Video is always pretty proud of their exclusive content, and they have every right to be, but maybe it's showing your cards a little bit to explain out loud, "We're talking about Netflix here, people. This is stuff you can't get on Netflix. Please love me." In the interests of following through on their ample promise, then, here are the newest exclusives, ranked in order of whether you really even count as "exclusive" if nobody wants you to begin with.

Here's What's Coming to or Leaving Netflix in August

Jacob Clifton · 07/29/14 01:00PM

Get ready for some information about some things that are leaving Netflix on Thursday, and what exciting stuff will be replacing them. You have about 36 hours to use this information for maximum benefit, so make your choices wisely.