Consider the Sneaker Fetishist 

Rich Juzwiak · 09/30/15 09:16AM

“Sometimes I feel like I’m going to die alone with 13 cats and a room full of shoes,” said RJ, a 23-year-old resident of Salt Lake City who is “obsessed with the look, taste, smell, and feel of men’s sneakers.” His extreme frustration with finding a suitable mate was chronicled in last night’s True Life: My Fetish Is Ruining My Life. There were also multiple scenes of sneaker play, which is not something you see on TV everyday (or ever for that matter). Progress.

These Are The Freaks and Weirdos MTV Wants for Next Season's True Life

Rich Juzwiak · 06/17/15 12:18PM

While many would argue that MTV’s 17-year-old “docu”-series True Life has long passed its prime, I would not. In the past two (or so) years, we’ve been blessed with a young woman who claims that being pretty “sucks,” a Juggalo wedding, molly addicts, a furry in a lynx mask exclaiming, “This is cool!,” and the most beautiful (clothed) butt that I’ve ever seen in my life. True Life continues to be essential viewing. That not just true, it’s also my life.

Teen Bathes in Pig Blood to Preserve Youth

Rich Juzwiak · 04/14/15 12:09PM

Meet Chanel, a 19-year-old "freelance model, actress," and wrestling ring girl who lives in California and is so obsessed with staying young that she agreed to be profiled in MTV's True Life: I'm Obsessed with Staying Young. Chanel has "eaten a baby's placenta" and undergoes hours of beauty treatments a day to keep her supple young skin looking that way. A particularly intricate, especially harebrained stay-young-quick scheme involved bathing in pig blood like people did "thousands of years ago worked." MTV's cameras captured her adventure.