The Voice Finale Was Great If You're Super into Adam Levine

Tracie Potochnik · 12/16/14 10:40AM

Pharrell and Gwen Stefani got off to strong starts on The Voice, yet somehow tonight we've reached Part One of the finale, the performances, and Adam Levine is coach to three of the four finalists. Which means we get to hear Adam duet with three of the four finalists. Hope you like falsetto!

The Voice Pretty Much Just a Sausage Fest Now

Tracie Potochnik · 12/09/14 11:30AM

Watching The Voice's five semi-finalists perform last night, one question came to mind: How and when and why did this show become such a sausage fest?

Heartthrob Sings "Sexual Healing" Inside a Big Red Box on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 12/02/14 10:10AM

The Voice contestant Chris Jamison is apparently quite popular with the ladies. And so to maximize his vote-getting, coach Adam Levine assigned him the Marvin Gaye classic, "Sexual Healing." Which Chris then sang from inside a red neon multi-layered subliminal message.

Contestant Flubs, Recovers, Remains Pissed on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 11/18/14 09:30AM

The beauty/horror of a live competition show is that anything can happen. While that mostly takes the form of either amazing or rancid belty notes, sometimes you come in two beats early, as Luke Wade did last night. And sometimes, if you're Blake Shelton, Adam Levine makes suggestive jokes about your mom.

What Number Do We Call to Vote Adam Levine Off The Voice?

Tracie Potochnik · 11/11/14 09:30AM

We've reached the Live Rounds of The Voice, and if this show is a) as committed to democracy as it claims to be; b) going to start off the episode with a performance of Maroon 5's new single, then it is our constitutional right to be afforded a mechanism by which to eliminate Adam Levine. Maybe that's what the app is for?

Taylor Swift Forced to Endure John Mayer Love Song on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 11/04/14 08:45AM

Given that the contestants on The Voice didn't know that Taylor Swift would be their guest mentor for the Knockout Rounds, Blessing Offor's decision to sing "Your Body Is a Wonderland" by Taylor's well-known ex probably wasn't deliberately shady. Or perhaps behind that charming smile and fantastic attitude he's actually a psychic evil genius?

Pharrell Calls Scary Taylor Swift "Scary" on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 10/29/14 08:15AM

If you ever noticed a particularly intense look on Taylor Swift's face, it's probably because she was busy shooting out laser beams from her eyes, or cultivating bold, hurt dejected looks to use as "sniper shots." When she passes on this apparent trick of the trade to contestant Ricky Manning, Pharrell is scared…but also excited.

Taylor Swift Is a Shockingly Competent Mentor on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 10/28/14 09:01AM

Some among you may have scoffed upon hearing the news that Taylor Swift was slated to give advice to singers on a singing competition. But as it turns out she's kind of awesome, as in this clip where she nudges teenage contestant Tanner Linford ever closer to puberty simply by calling him "cute."

Gwen Stefani Masters Art of the Sneak Attack Steal on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 10/22/14 08:00AM

Of all of the coaches on The Voice, none has engaged in the battle rounds with as much verve and emotion as Gwen Stefani. Yes, her eyes well with tears when contestants are eliminated, but even more impressive are her stealth last-minute steals, which reached their sneaky apex last night.

Coaches Incite Wrath of Stevie Nicks on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 10/21/14 08:00AM

Stevie Nicks wanted to be an R&B singer when she was young, and so she's thrilled (in a customarily monotone Stevie Nicks way) when contestants Kelli Douglas and Damien duet on the classic "Knock on Wood." Before their battle, she issues one warning to the coaches. A warning that they do not heed.

The Voice Perfectly Captures the Cool, Dorky Nature of Hall and Oates

Tracie Potochnik · 10/15/14 08:30AM

On last night's episode of The Voice, Gwen Stefani showed her true genius by pairing cool reggae guy Menlik Zergabachew with enthusiastic dork Troy Ritchie to sing the classic Hall and Oates hit, "Maneater." The result was so mesmerizing that it made Adam Levine do an '80s dance.

Blue-Eyed Soul Singers Amaze Coaches in The Voice Battle Rounds

Tracie Potochnik · 10/14/14 08:25AM

When soulful one-eyed guy Luke Wade starts into Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed," you have to feel bad for his Battle Round competition, soulful one-named guy Griffin. Until Griffin starts singing, that is, and ALSO blows everyone away with his insane falsetto. Can Team Pharrell please just morph into one big supergroup?

Old Blake Shelton Wins Dreamy Massapequa Teen by Default on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 10/07/14 08:37AM

As the only coach with a slot left on his team, Blake Shelton was very excited to nab silky-voiced Massapequa teenager Justin Johnes. So excited, in fact, that he gave Justin a special "Blake's Boo" t-shirt. Quoth Adam Levine, " Blake, I'm still not sure you know exactly what that word means. You might want to, like, look it up."

Blake Shelton Tortures America's Sweetest Teen on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 10/01/14 08:40AM

Eminently huggable 17-year-old Tanner Linford was rejected in season six of The Voice, but has returned two inches taller and with more performing experience. Now watch this sweet young man visibly lose hope as the coaches remain unturned through the very last note of his song.

Pastor's Son Denies Gwen Stefani His Delicious Package on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 09/30/14 09:45AM

John Martin is a 25-year old pastor's son, forklift operator, skilled whistler, and rather attractive human. And in a three-way bidding war, he is ogled outwardly by Blake and subliminally by Gwen, who gets very descriptive in explaining why she wants him on her team.

Nerd Blows Gwen Stefani's Mind, Resists Her Bribery on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 09/24/14 09:15AM

Maiya Sykes was a triple-major at Yale, loves her mom, and has sung at nearly every Armenian wedding in Los Angeles. And now, watch this 36-year-old blow the roof off of The Voice auditions, prompting a bidding war amongst the coaches in which Gwen Stefani attempts to bribe her with L.A.M.B. handbags and merchandise.

Amazing Teen Sings Beyoncé in His Mom's Shirt on The Voice

Tracie Potochnik · 09/23/14 09:00AM

Elyjuh René walked into The Voice wearing braces, a shirt that matched his mom's, and some sort of magical heart-stealing apparatus that makes you want to quit your job, become his best friend, and just sit sit around all day singing Beyoncé songs together. Maybe some Diana Ross, too!