Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Reunite to Grill Jimmy Fallon

Hudson Hongo · 07/15/15 12:30AM

On Tuesday, SNL alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler joined SNL alum Jimmy Fallon to play “True Confessions,” which mostly consisted of the comedians deciding if their former coworkers were lying, bad at telling stories or just pretending to be bad at telling stories.

SNL Cut Christian Grey's New and Improved Red Room for Time

Jay Hathaway · 03/03/15 10:16AM

The stars of Fifty Shades of Grey have signed on for the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker—how could they not, with all the fun they're having? (And by "fun," I mean "money")—which will eventually be delivered to a fanbase hungry for wilder, kinkier shit. Like what? Well, the Saturday Night Live writers had some ideas, but they were cut for time.

Why Did SNL's 40th Anniversary Special Suck?

Leah Finnegan · 02/16/15 03:45PM

I grew up in a Saturday Night Live household. My parents watched, or taped (!), the show pretty much every week. Certain characters infiltrated our daily lives: Toonces the driving cat, Pat the ambiguously gendered shop clerk, anything Steve Martin did. (The Jerk, though not an SNL persona, is to this day is my dad's favorite movie. He likes to go up to any chair and say: "All I need is this chair," doing his best Navin R. Johnson impression.)

Get Ready for 7 Days in Hell With Andy Samberg and Lena Dunham

Jacob Clifton · 07/25/14 12:32PM

It's been announced that HBO has greenlit a "mockumentary" to star non-polarizing, not-at-all controversial television people Andy Samberg, Lena Dunham, and Fred Armisen. (Actual America's Sweethearts Will Forte and Soledad O'Brien, Masters of Sex's Michael Sheen and Game of Thrones' Jon Snow, and Mary Steenburgen—formerly of the critically acclaimed electricity-and-pedophilia documentary Powder—will also star.)

Maya Rudolph's Greatest Maya Angelou Spoof Is The Perfect Tribute

Jacob Clifton · 05/28/14 10:45AM

Maya Rudolph's return to host SNL in February 2012 remains one of the most beloved episodes in recent seasons, and the sketch below shows up in Best-Ever lists pretty much every time anybody does one, and it's easy to see why: Only Rudolph's particular sense of humor could combine such a loving, gentle riff on Maya Angelou's gravitas with an indelibly accurate impression, and it never fails to get a laugh when quoted—even from people who haven't watched the show in years. "I Know Why The Caged Bird Laughs" remains one of my fondest memories of both these fine ladies.

Mr. F to Revisit Saturday Night Live with 2010's Black Keys Band

Jacob Clifton · 05/10/14 01:00PM

As though it were 2010 and she is a time-travelling wizard, Charlize Theron will be bringing the Black Keys along to prepare the way for next week's Andy Samberg/St. Vincent finale. She hasn't been by since 2001, so this is pretty exciting — especially given her penchant for strange, dark comedy and how well it could work with this year's surprisingly stellar, hyper-weird cast of highly paid misfits and jokers.