Selfie Is Secretly the Best Sitcom Pilot This Season

Jacob Clifton · 10/01/14 04:00PM

The much-discussed sitcom Selfie premiered last night on ABC, to a strangely high-emotion/low-content response. Gen X reviewers are befuddled, Gen Y is wary; tech and PR people are annoyed (although not all of them!) and misogynists feel validated. I would argue this means the show is doing exactly what it's set out to do: Explore some of our media-obsessed culture's most prominent conflicts, with compassion for both sides.

Fall's Most Obnoxious-Looking Show Selfie Could Actually End Up Good

Jacob Clifton · 08/19/14 12:55PM

The trailer above seems to indicate that incoming ABC sitcom Selfie is every bit as shitty as you'd assume: An awful title reminiscent of embattled shows like Cougar Town, Trophy Wife, The Good Wife, GCB, and so on. Karen Gillan's natural Scottish burr hiding in plain sight, throwing off sparks of cognitive dissonance and irritation not seen since Phoebe Tonkin first arrived on our shores. Barrage of mortifying five-minutes-ago and never-minutes-ago "teen internet jargon" that your mom will be texting you in the next week as though it is how people talk or have ever talked. Seemingly anti-Kardashian themes for a culture that has cycled through the smarm and snark of that crap so many times you wouldn't be surprised at this point if Paris Hilton showed her ass back up. But: