Everybody on Nashville Has Lost Their Shit

Tracie Potochnik · 12/11/14 09:45AM

This was Nashville's mid-season finale and the drama was on such overload that you might call it absurd except for the fact that it was SO GOOD: Someone's floating face-down in a pool! Someone possibly has cancer! Someone's getting married! Someone's NOT getting married! Someone (a lady!) gets punched in the face! Someone has a Maury–esque paternity test moment! Someone bangs a reporter to counter gay rumors! (Okay, you know who that last one was.)

Closeted Cowboy Astounded by Concept of Gay Relationships on Nashville

Tracie Potochnik · 12/04/14 09:10AM

When closet case/cowboy/country singer/hunky reality TV star Will Lexington watches two dudes kissing in public at a music festival, he acts as if he's seen a unicorn. His shock is only exacerbated when he learns, after propositioning one of them, that they are in an actual relationship!

The Mayor Discovers a Fondness for Prostitutes on Nashville

Tracie Potochnik · 10/30/14 09:00AM

Nashville mayor Teddy Conrad is trying VERY hard to be a cool parent. And really, what says "cool dad" more than leaving your daughters to fend for themselves as you cultivate a relationship with your future blackmailer, skinnydip with prostitutes, and ignore their calls for help?

It's Time for Nashville's Hunky Gay Cowboy to Come Out

Tracie Potochnik · 10/23/14 08:30AM

In a show where heightened drama has traditionally meant faking a miscarriage with pork blood (that actually happened!), watching gay country singer Will Lexington struggle with his sexuality for two seasons has been legitimately heartbreaking.

Nashville Finally Discovers Its Inner Thelma and Louise

Tracie Potochnik · 10/16/14 10:10AM

Just when you thought that Nashville's Rayna Jaymes would never do anything interesting again, she wound up in a paparazzi-fueled car chase/joyride with Mustang-driving singer Sadie Stone, then delivered this awesome speech about how shitty things are for women in country music today.

Having Exhausted Other Options, Nashville Features Sex with Randoms

Tracie Potochnik · 10/09/14 09:30AM

Fundamentally being a twangy soap opera, Nashville has never gone light on the sex scenes. But now, given the impressive amount of boning that's already happened between various main cast combinations, they've thrown a bunch of randoms into the mix to spice things up. (Yes, we can still consider Luke a random.)

A Very Serious Nashville Tackles Very Serious Issues of Our Time

Tracie Potochnik · 10/02/14 01:55PM

Never a show to shy away from divisive social issues, last night's Nashville featured main character Juliette Barnes preparing to terminate her pregnancy. And then she showed up to this awesome abortion clinic, which had photos of adorable babies all over the walls.

Nashville's Juliette Sings Patsy Cline's "Crazy," Then Goes Crazy

Tracie Potochnik · 09/25/14 12:25PM

ABC really hyped up the fact that there would be live performances on the Nashville season three premiere. This performance of Hayden Panettiere singing Patsy Cline's "Crazy'" was not live, however. Because there's a limit to how much grave-turning we can put poor Patsy through.

Devious Maids and the Case for Guilt-Free Camp

LaToya Ferguson · 06/23/14 04:15PM

Two seasons in, Lifetime's Devious Maids has tackled premeditated murder, closeted homosexuality, extramarital affairs, accidental murder, spousal drugging, wrongful accusations, schemes to achieve fame, blackmail, burglary, abuse of the elderly, and attempted murder. It's a primetime soap, through and through. It could quite possibly be one of the best shows on television.

Two Proposals and a Funeral on the Nashville Finale

Tracie Potochnik · 05/15/14 08:15AM

Regarding the title of this piece, the proposals are obvious. The funeral is mine, because the last five minutes of the Nashville finale killed me dead! I am writing this from beyond the grave! First there was that Gunnar and Scarlett song, and THEN: "It's Maddie, and Daphne, and you… and me." #dead #death #dying #imeanit #freakindeacon

Nashville Character Sings Totally Appropriate Death Songs To Soldiers

Tracie Potochnik · 05/08/14 09:25AM

It's the penultimate episode of Nashville season two! There is a lot of drama, and also a lot of flag-waving, because Nashville stands for America, and ABC should just go ahead and renew it already. The random special guest combination of Kellie Pickler and Michelle Obama blew my mind a little, but in a "God Bless the USA!" kind of way, I guess.

Scarlett's Meltdown and Other Things You Missed on Nashville

Tracie Potochnik · 05/07/14 11:30AM

Over the past few weeks a LOT has happened on Nashville, and now is the perfect time to catch up on what you missed — or just relive the epic grandeur of Scarlett crawling under a piano and screaming in front of 20,000 people — before you watch tonight's episode in which RAYNA AND DEACON HUG EACH OTHER!!! FOR AMERICA AND FREEDOM!!! (With appearances by First Lady Michelle Obama and Kellie Pickler.)