It's This Easy to Dupe Hillary Fans Into Supporting Trump's Nonsense Tax Plan

Jay Hathaway · 09/30/15 12:18PM

Jimmy Kimmel’s bread-and-butter segment, Lie Witness News, is at its best during presidential campaigns, when there are lots of “serious” “issues” to discuss and no shortage of people who are uninformed about them. Kimmel sent his crew out to Hollywood Boulevard again this week and discovered that Donald Trump’s new pseudo-populist tax plan has a lot of support amongst Hillary-leaning, anti-Trump voters.

Watch People Believe Every Lie Kimmel Tells Them About Obama

Jay Hathaway · 03/16/15 03:05PM

To mark Barack Obama's visit to his show last week, Jimmy Kimmel sent a Lie Witness crew out to Hollywood Boulevard again to see what unbelievable bullshit about the president people would, in fact, believe if faced with a camera and microphone.