Was Letterman's Debut Episode Better Than Colbert's? Judge For Yourself 

Jordan Sargent · 09/09/15 03:05PM

The reviews of Stephen Colbert’s first episode of Late Show With Stephen Colbert are in. The verdict is: sure, this will do. But the future of the show will rest on how well Colbert can blend surrealism with affability, a formula perfected by his predecessor David Letterman from just about opening night 22 years ago.

What the Hell Was Stephen Colbert's Interview With Jeb Bush?

Jordan Sargent · 09/09/15 11:57AM

The quandary hovering over Stephen Colbert’s new late night television show—one addressed at length by the host himself during the inaugural episode—is how he will be able to transition from the political satire that made him famous into the sort of generalist humor that might make him more palatable to a wider (i.e. older) audience.