Here's What's Coming to or Leaving Netflix in August

Jacob Clifton · 07/29/14 01:00PM

Get ready for some information about some things that are leaving Netflix on Thursday, and what exciting stuff will be replacing them. You have about 36 hours to use this information for maximum benefit, so make your choices wisely.

Prophecy of Serena Van Der Woodsen GOOP Finally Coming True

Jacob Clifton · 07/09/14 02:00PM

Back in September of last year, almost a full goddamn year ago, consumers and lifestyle-havers were teased with the news that actress and hair-haver Blake Lively would be launching her own kind of Goop, specializing in quote "fashionable items," "storytelling," and "living a very [sic] one-of-a-kind, curated life." As of today, Page Six is suggesting that our heretofore run of the mill, uncurated, narrative-free lives will finally be rescued from the inanity of the picaresque. The tentative launch of the site stands at 7/23.