So, Who's Winning the Game of Thrones?

Max Read · 07/07/15 09:03AM

We know that in the game of thrones, you win or you die. And we know who’s dead. So...who’s winning? We’ve put together a comprehensive video tracking all five seasons of HBO’s grimly set jawline spectacular Game of Thrones, so that you can quickly and easily know who’s winning, and who’s dying.

Sean Bean Keeps Spoiling Game of Thrones Because, Who Cares, He's Dead

Jay Hathaway · 05/15/15 01:40PM

Sean Bean, man of a thousand on-screen deaths and the erstwhile Lord Eddard Stark, continues to discuss Game of Thrones in interviews long after his head has fully rotted on a pike in King’s Landing. And he continues to drop the same huge spoiler about Jon Snow. Because: who cares? He dead!

Everything You Need to Remember to Prepare for Game of Thrones Season 5

Max Read · 04/08/15 11:02AM

Game of Thrones is a sadistically complicated show, and if you haven't watched or thought about it in a year, you've probably forgotten everything that happened last season. Where's Arya? Where's Jaime? Where's Bran? (A tree.) Our video will answer your geographical, narrative, and existential questions about the series in two minutes almost exactly.

Watch Two Deleted Scenes From Season 4 of Game of Thrones

Jay Hathaway · 02/18/15 06:00PM

Ahead of the much anticipated fifth season of Game of Thrones, which will kill off characters who haven't (yet) died in the books, HBO has released a pair of deleted scenes from the Blu-Ray release of last year's season 4.

Get Ready for 7 Days in Hell With Andy Samberg and Lena Dunham

Jacob Clifton · 07/25/14 12:32PM

It's been announced that HBO has greenlit a "mockumentary" to star non-polarizing, not-at-all controversial television people Andy Samberg, Lena Dunham, and Fred Armisen. (Actual America's Sweethearts Will Forte and Soledad O'Brien, Masters of Sex's Michael Sheen and Game of Thrones' Jon Snow, and Mary Steenburgen—formerly of the critically acclaimed electricity-and-pedophilia documentary Powder—will also star.)

MSNBC Anchor Tries to Understand Game of Thrones, a Show About Gnomes

Jacob Clifton · 06/18/14 11:40AM

On today's edition of Morning Joe—after the reports of Dr. Oz's public flaying put host/google-eyed health nut Mika Brzezinski into a state of semipermanent bliss—the team turned their attention to the hottest trend threatening teens today: Internet downloading. Specifically, the torrenting of popular gnome show Game Of Thrones.