Inside Amy Schumer's Season Premiere Burned So Many Idiot Men Perfectly

Rich Juzwiak · 04/22/15 08:00AM

Do the dolts who think that women aren’t funny finally feel stupid? If they watched last night’s Season 3 premiere of Inside Amy Schumer, they sure should have. Every single sketch examined gender relations in ways that were playful, unexpected, and hilarious. Exposing the stupidity of men and the bullshit they get away with has long been an m.o. of Schumer’s, but there was a consistency throughout last night’s episode that I hadn’t yet witnessed on Inside. The show felt pointedly political and was better for it.

These Are the Most Brutal Jokes From the Roast of Justin Bieber

Jay Hathaway · 03/31/15 09:30AM

Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber finally aired Monday night, featuring Kevin Hart, Hannibal Buress, Martha Stewart, Shaq, Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, and some monkey that wasn't really the one Bieber abandoned in Germany in 2013. All were there to fuel the narrative that if we just burn Justin badly enough, he'll rise from the ashes as an adult instead of a millionaire baby that commits petty crimes, and Scooter Braun surely thanks them for their service.

Justin Bieber Got His "Dick Kicked In" During Saturday's Roast

Jay Hathaway · 03/16/15 10:35AM

Justin Bieber, sacrificing himself on the altar of comedy in an attempt to reform his image as a feral child raised by a kindly pack of Maxim back-issues, taped his official Comedy Central roast on Saturday. Was it the PR move he so transparently hoped it would be, immolating the world's most prominent Canadian-American pissbaby so he can rise again as a piss-man?

John Oliver Will Stay With HBO Through 2017

Jay Hathaway · 02/17/15 06:00PM

With Jon Stewart's departure from the Daily Show sadly impending, some speculated that Comedy Central would make a sweet offer to the show's longest-serving guest host, John Oliver, to return to the chair full time. HBO has gone ahead and silenced that speculation, for better or worse, by signing Oliver to continue Last Week Tonight through 2017, Deadline reports.

Watch Eggs Explode All Over Justin Bieber's Shiny, Hairless Little Chest

Jay Hathaway · 02/17/15 04:20PM

A possibly stoned Justin Bieber continues to participate in the illusion that his upcoming Comedy Central roast is an event that will somehow laugh with, rather than at, him. In the first promo for the roast, a smooth-chested, pube-lipped Bieber plays SNL's Kate McKinnon playing Justin Bieber—he must have learned how to make fun of himself by watching her—and then subjects himself to what can only be described as a pelting with raw eggs.

Paget Brewster Returns to Drunk History With Charlie Day

Jacob Clifton · 07/23/14 01:50PM

Paget Brewster, always intense, finally returned to Drunk History last night, for a mesmerizing take on the story of a failed attempt on Abraham Lincoln's life starring Charlie Day, Bill from Freaks And Geeks and Tyra from Friday Night Lights, among others. While it's not quite as rip-roaring as some of her previous work on the show, Brewster's sage wisdom and dark sensuality may well outweigh those of show creator Derek Waters himself.

Inside Amy Schumer Finally Goes To Hell

Dan Abromowitz · 05/28/14 11:00AM

This week on Inside Amy Schumer, we learned that "Dickie Sippies" are not the remains of small boys. "Dickie Sippies" are used for drinking alcohol out of. Knowing that can save lives.

Mad Men Creator Calls Out Entitled Baby Boomer Bullshit

Jacob Clifton · 05/22/14 08:25AM

It's not hard to understand why Baby Boomers still consider themselves the center of the universe. For one thing, we all do. For another, they were manufactured under factory conditions to replace dead Americans from the War, as we learned from the "sexy bomb shelter" role-play/sexual assault attempt from the 1950s documentary Grease 2. But to me, the most important part is the invention of television:

Inside Amy Schumer Goes On The Beyoncé Diet

Dan Abromowitz · 05/14/14 04:35PM

What is it about a quick puke that's so suited for comedy? In some ways, it's like laughter: a sudden, violent, convulsive hijacking of your body, accompanied by a dollop of involuntary oral ejaculation. Like laughter, it's a kind of possession; it can strike anyone, anywhere, any time, heedless of the protective barriers of wealth, status, or dignity, only instead of a creepy raspy voice coming out of their mouth, it's a torrent of hot duke. And then you have to pause whatever you're doing and deal with that. Puke blasts through abstraction. It doesn't care about consequence. It's the great egalitarian killswitch.