American Horror Story: Freak Show Explores the Politics of Freaky

Jacob Clifton · 10/09/14 12:35PM

American Horror Story: Freak Show made its debut on FX last night to the usual mix of awe, confusion, and maybe a little too much hype. When something is this stuffed, to the extent it can be stuffed with things, it's helpful to remember the two primary rules of Ryan Murphy productions:

Tonight's American Horror Story: Freak Show Premiere Primer

Jacob Clifton · 10/08/14 11:40AM

American Horror Story makes its fourth debut on FX tonight, in a special 90-minute premiere. Once the skepticism wears off and everybody decides this is going to be a good season of American Horror Story, that's when you start taking bets as to when we'll collectively flip the script again and disavow ever having enjoyed it. That moment—when you start placing bets—you'll think back to this humble roundup of preview and non-spoiler information, and start checking things off.

​Unveiling the Mysteries of the New American Horror Story Credits

Jacob Clifton · 10/08/14 07:00AM

As any dedicated viewer of the American Horror Story anthology series knows, the credits each season provide innumerable clues to the entirety of the season. Thanks to the dedication to plot, consistency, and overall story arc that are the show's storytelling hallmarks, a viewer with a quick eye for detail can usually nail down what will happen in the show's final episodes.