Did you hear the news? Happiness has been canceled. So watch (through your tears over the elimination) as dear, sweet Rudy and his All-Star Allison dance a Fatal Attraction-esque (and sad—don't forget sad) jazz routine to Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana."

So You Think You Can Dance may have attempted to soften the blow of this elimination (and the elimination of the almost as dear, but certainly as sweet Tanisha) with the musical stylings of the King of Pop, but even just seeing Rudy in the Bottom Four, well... Farewell, my summer love. Remember the time Mary Murphy told him he he lifts her up? Even that couldn't save him. Every gyration in this routine brings us a step closer to Rudy being told to beat it.

Realistically speaking, the chances of Rudy actually winning the crown were never all that high: His charm and charisma were more a factor in him being this far in the competition than his actual dancing. But as we've been constantly reminded in the past—see last season's Fik-Shun win—So You Think You Can Dance is looking for America's Favorite Dancer, not its best. So Rudy technically did have a fighting chance.

Rudy and Tanisha consistently had some of the more memorable dance numbers this season when they were paired together, so seeing them both be dropped this week Michael Jackson or not, may just be enough to make you want to scream.

All that remains to be seen is whether or not Rudy is OK with his elimination. Rudy are you OK? Will you tell us that you're OK?

[Images and videos via Fox]

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