How do you plan on staying awake tonight long enough to get your Orange on? Here are some options to get through the late hours and into the wee ones.

At 8/7c. We're down to nine chefs on Hell's Kitchen—a show that until just now I thought was about fixing restaurants run by insane and/or shitty businesspeople, like most other TV shows are—and NBC's Hollywood Game Night is bringing us a special "Behind Bars" edition, which could maybe be savvy marketing toward the OITNB release tonight, but either way seems awfully insensitive. You know what's not fun and games? Life behind bars. Somebody should scare Jane Lynch straight. (Figuratively.)

At 9/8c. Sports may begin to occur.

At 10/9c. You've got Maron and then Zach Galifiniakas on Comedy Bang! Bang!, where he will be wearing "A One-Armed Jacket," if that gives you any indication of how delightful and/or obnoxious you're likely to find that. Last Comic Standing's on, and Lisa Ling's checking back in with some past transgender guests to see how they're doing, on her last season at OWN. Oh, and a new season of Party Down South is starting on CMT, if you know what any of those words mean. (And if you do, please tell us in the comments, because what is it?)

And of course at 3 A.M. EDT, Orange Is The New Black premieres its second season, full of laughter and nuns and generally just really chill people acting totally normal, plus the occasional Shakespearian monologue.

Did you take Friday off to watch that show, or are you going to watch all at once later in the weekend, or are you going to subvert the paradigm and watch it for the next thirteen weeks as though you were living in the past? If so, hats off to you. If not, get ready for the big Morning After party, starting with a Rich Juzwiak liveblog tomorrow morning.