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MTV's Virgin Territory, a reality series about the ins and outs (or lack thereof) of being a virgin in today's society, touched on a subject rarely discussed: the need for a stronger etiquette in approaching someone with new boobs.

Shelby, a Texan sorority sister who is proud of being a virgin for reasons which become upsetting if you really stop and think about it, has augmented her body with some capsules of benign foreign matter as is her God-given right. Her excitable friend will not stop addressing, cupping, pinching and laughing hysterically at the new boobs.

[There was a video here]

I'm sure it's tempting to see a friend's new boobs and think "More friend!" but really, you should not assume familiarity with new physical elements attached to your friends' bodies, be they baby bumps, prosthetic limbs, or erogenous-zone implants. You should treat your friend's new boobs as you would any new acquaintance that your friend knows and you do not.

You would not go up to a relative stranger and start shouting about their fullness and bounce. You would not force a nickname on them. You would not bring a strange man with a big bushy beard over to them at the bar to motorboat them because he's honestly "so nice."

[There was a video here]

Her friends' enthusiasm quickly starts to feel like a passive aggressive attack on Shelby: you're clearly comfortable overtly sexualizing yourself, now we're all going to sexualize you. Nuh uh, Shelby's friends. Not cool. If you want to leverage boobs for attention, start with your own. Don't bully your sorority sister's boobs.

Also, good luck to everyone trying to lose their virginity! Let's make this weekend count!

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