Last night on Vanderpump Rules, we became more acquainted with Sur's newest hostess, Vail Bloom. Whether or not that's her real name isn't important. What's important is that she went to Princeton. The university. Ivy League, New Jersey, something about eating clubs—ever heard of it?

Vail was invited to Stassi's war tribunal (girls' night), where she was grilled on various aspects of her past and present. "You went to Princeton?" Stassi asks. Vail says yes; she studied architecture. "Why aren't you doing like, architecture shit, then?" Stassi wants to know. Why are you a hostess at Sur? (The answer, of course, is that she was cast by Bravo to play a hostess at Sur.) Vail reveals that she once played an architect in a silent film, which in turn silences the other girls.

Later, Vail notes that she may have a passing interest in Jax, Stassi's ex-boyfriend who recently got a new nose. Vail! They will literally kill you.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kristen insists on fighting with Tom, and Tom shoots back that Kristen totally came over to his apartment with her "tits hanging out" last week, which is true.

Next week, we'll get a glimpse of Scheana and Shay's joint bachelor and bachelorette parties in Miami, which the whole gang will be attending. But probably not Vail.