Having provided the first sexy couples routine of the season a couple of weeks ago, Rudy and Tanisha were at it again on last night's So You Think Can Dance. Watch as the smoldering duo perform a comic book-inspired hip-hop routine.

If any pair in this competition has benefited the most from the concepts behind their routines, it's Rudy and Tanisha. From the sexy cat and mouse jazz routine to this week's noir comic book hip-hop routine, they've proven in a short time that they can tell a compelling (and slightly arousing) story with their bodies. Guest judge/girl crush Misty Copeland hits the nail right on the head when she calls it "subtle sexiness"—this is the type of performance you can't help but find yourself entranced by.

Plus, all of the bonus points go to Nigel for referencing Batman and Robin, of all movies, in his praise for the number.

[Video via Fox]

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