The votes are in, and America has crowned its Favorite Dancer. But before they could crown said dancer, So You Think You Can Dance had to fill about two hours of air time. So watch and experience a version of the world where flash mobs aren't all terrible.

As you can probably tell just from watching this routine, to no one's surprise—except for maybe "blind Valerie"—Ricky is this season's winner. Ricky was always the winner; he just didn't have the official title until last night.

But So You Think You Can Dance—for all of its Favorite Dancers through the years—has never been a show about the singular dancer's road to glory or Stepping Up: Into Darkness. It has always been about each and every one of its performers showing off just how much they think they can dance, while the rest of us sit at home, in awe (or in "I could do that" contempt).

That is why watching the Top 10 perform with the All-Stars in this routine is actually the most cathartic moment of the season. It's not just because So You Think You Can Dance finales tend to lack in new material (although I didn't hate seeing "You Need" again). It's because we've watched a full season with half of these dancers and already have attachments to the other half from their past seasons. It's because we never knew we needed a Jasmine/Valerie dance team-up until this very routine. It's because this is the type of routine you can't help but watch over and over again to focus on different individual performers each time.

Another summer, another Dance season. Hopefully this is not the last season, because we need at least another to remove the memory of Justin Bieber from this one.

[Images and videos via Fox]

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